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Who's behind S.H.Y. Films

S.H.Y. Films (S.H.Y.) is the brainchild of Pradeep Shahi, Harry Haroon, and Victor Yarbrough. With years of experience creating and producing short films, the team decided it was time to make its debut feature film and thus S.H.Y.Films was born. S.H.Y. Films exists to create, produce, market and distribute feature films globally.

Pradeep Shahi

The creative force behind S.H.Y. Pradeep has been in the director seat for over 4 years, starting in the professional media industry by directing commercials and corporate videos. Pradeep’s directing skills landed him an Assistant Director role in UK television drama Hollyoakes. When not on the set of Hollyoakes, Pradeep continues to hone his skills by directing and producing award winning short films. Pradeep’s vision and talent landed him the position of Creative Director of Snowdance Productions where his latest short film “Conflict” was produced. With the success of his award winning short films Pradeep has turned his attention to directing his first feature film titled “Meliora”.

Harry Haroon

A creative talent and businessman in his own right, Harry has 10 years of acting and production experience. Harry has played various roles in around a dozen films including both short and feature films. Harry’s most recent success includes playing a doctor in "David is Dying", which has been accepted for screening in 7 international film festivals. Harry produced Pradeep’s latest short film “Conflict” and his passion for producing extends to the music showcase “Melange Factor”, commercial and music video production.

Victor Yarbrough

Has spent over 7 Years in investment banking and accounting, with experience from working at several global firms such as Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young and Credit Agricole. After sharpening his business acumen in the world of finance, Victor has decided to dedicate his talent to his lifelong passion of film. Victor's business expertise and financial knowledge is integral to forming the business foundation of S.H.Y. Productions Limited.