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S.H.Y. Films

Meliora (Feature in Development)
Psychological thriller


Meliora: Prologue

Starting his normal day at work, the protagonist suddenly finds himself trapped in a peculiar room. Fearing something catastrophic has happened, the man makes a desperate attempt to escape only to break down in frustration. In this psychological thriller the protagonist faces a dilemma, and the question is asked: Is this REAL? Or is this a sign of things to come?

Meliora: The Feature Film

The feature length film is an intense and complex psychological thriller based on the three phases of death: Realisation, Temptation and Revelation. A man is trapped in a peculiar room, in which one half is engulfed by a raging inferno whilst the other appears to be an unknown dark abyss. Unbeknownst to the man, a mysterious silhouetted figure watches the man’s fight for his survival from the dark abyss.

As his fight for survival unfolds, a parallel narrative reveals his family's secret, better yet their unique bond with this mysterious silhouetted figure. That bond is gradually revealed by his dying mother’s last words, causing his fate to become inter-twined with a mysterious white light and the silhouette figure which he finally encounters in a truly shocking conclusion. (Invest)

Drama/ Thriller

A terrorist suspect Shahid, is being held and tortured in an unidentified location, somewhere believed to be in the Middle East. Locked in solitary confinement, he depends upon his faith and the memories of his wife and a son in these darkest hours of his life. A British government official Mr. Stanley is his only hope for his freedom.

But things change when a teenage boy is detained in a solitary cell next to his. As the boy suffers torture and abuse, his faith diminishes as he questions the very existence of God. He then makes a desperate attempt to save the boy but only to find out the shocking truth about the boy, Mr. Stanley and his very own existence. In this hard hitting gruesome drama, Shahid faces conflict between belief and realism.


Curious Soul is a fictionalised biographical drama, which tells the story of Charles Darwin's personal struggle to complete his book -"The Origin of Species". The film is written and directed by Pradeep Shahi, and stars Chris Collins as Charles and Heather May as Emma Darwin.

After the death of Charles' eldest daughter "Anna Elizabeth Darwin", he is more willing to proclaim his religious doubt. This creates strain in their marriage as Emma Darwin is a devouted Christian. However, grieving Charles struggles with his own judgements, even questioning his reality as he is forced to keep his theory on hold. He receives love and support from his wife but their different opinions with God continues to create tension in their house. However, things change when Charles decides to confront his illusion. A touching drama that reflects on how the theory of the creation of life was inspired by a death of a loved one.

WAITING... (Short)

An old homeless man has been waiting near to the train station for many years. Nobody knows his purpose but he always has a guitar and plays melodious tunes while passers-by give him pennies which he survives on. Today, he will meet a young woman who will force the old homeless man to reflect back on his past, revealing the reason why he waits near the train station.