About us

About Us

S.H.Y. Films is an independent London based feature film production company.

We are strong believers in the enduring power of stories. We bring powerful, distinctive compelling films to the screen. Our years of experience have taught us that great creativity requires imagination and innovation within a well-managed and structured process. Formed by a multi-skilled group of freelance film makers who are passionate about story telling. Our aim is to produce genre defining and award winning films.

Who's behind SHY Films

S.H.Y. Films (S.H.Y.) is the brainchild of Pradeep Shahi, Harry Haroon, and Victor Yarbrough. With years of experience creating and producing short films, the team decided it was time to make its debut feature film and thus S.H.Y.Films was born. S.H.Y. Films exists to create, produce, market and distribute feature films globally.

Harry Haroon

Founder and CEO

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Head of Production

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Development Executive

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Development Executive

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Awais Haider

Graphics & Digital Media Executive

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Sophie Ghosh

Associate Producer

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Laurie Waplington

Lead Screenwriter

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Syed Ayaan Mehmood

Assistan Director


Across the Divide ( in development)
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: In a suburban neighbourhood, an English and a Pakistani family, their bond strained by cultural differences, witness their teenage children forging an unlikely friendship amidst household discord. When the teens decide to escape their restrictive lives, panic ensues, prompting both families to confront their prejudices. Through open dialogue and shared vulnerabilities, they begin to bridge the divide, embracing a tentative peace that promises a future of empathy and inclusivity.

Lost Seoul ( in development)
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Synopsis: Lost Seoul is the inspirational true story of one man’s struggle to survive and reunite with his family, after becoming lost in a crowded train station in Seoul.The story begins in 1962 post-Korean War in Busan, a city on the south-east of South Korea, when six-year-old Kim Ji Soo and his two older brothers (Yae Soo, 8 and Kyong Soo, 10) are mysteriously abandoned by their parents, leaving them in their modest hut to fend for themselves.The boys journey through the war-ravaged countryside, begging for food and struggling to survive, with their eldest brother Kyong Soo becoming taking on the role as the younger brothers’ carer.When their search leads them to find shelter among poor distant relatives, Kyong Soo takes a job at the train station. But one day, when a curious Ji Soo follows his brother to work, he gets lost among the crowds of people all around him and becomes separated from what family he has left.Alone and forced to survive the world as an orphan, Ji Soo doesn’t realize this is only the first step in a journey beyond his control; one that will take him halfway across the world and then back to South Korean for an emotional search for the family he never wanted to leave.

Ghurkha:Beneath the Bravery(2023)
Genre: Action/Drama
Synopsis: 25th September, 1915, British Forces launched a major attack on the German position at Loos, France, hence commencing Battle of Loos. Kulbir Thapa, a 26 yrs old Rifleman in the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifles, was in one of the leading companies venturing deep into German lines, and it was the first time he had been under fire and short-lived hope of survival was all gone when he was severely wounded. Moments later, out of 800 men unit, only fewer than 50 survived. Casaulties on that day were the worst yet suffered in a single day by the British Army, including some 8,500 dead.A survival story behind the enemy line itself is a praise worthy tale of bravery but his story didn’t finish there. What unfolds next is a legendary tale of self-sacrifice, compassion and friendship. The next day, on 26th September, for a fleeting moment, amidst burnt and grime filled no man’s land, he displayed a much greater heroism than war- humanity. This earned him the first ever Victoria Cross for Gurkhas but most importantly, on the day, it brought both British and German together, to acknowledge the sheer will power of Gurkha.

For Ed Ricketts (2018)
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A compelling documentary uncovering the profound influence of marine biologist Ed “Doc” Ricketts on author John Steinbeck, mythologist Joseph Campbell, and scientists worldwide. Through interviews and archival footage, it reveals how Ricketts’ holistic approach to marine biology impacted Steinbeck’s writing, resonated with Campbell’s mythology theories, and continues to inspire scientists studying oceans today.