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A Vibrant Rendezvous for Actors, Filmmakers, and Musicians

A Vibrant Rendezvous for Actors, Filmmakers, and Musicians

Step into the kaleidoscope of creativity, where actors, filmmakers, and musicians converge in a vibrant rendezvous of artistic expression. Join us on a journey where every frame tells a story, every note resonates with emotion, and every performance is a masterpiece in the making. This is more than an event; it’s a celebration of the boundless possibilities when talent and passion collide. Come, be part of the symphony of creativity, where dreams are crafted into reality and the magic of the arts comes alive. It’s not just an invitation; it’s an opportunity to become a living canvas in the tapestry of imagination. Let your artistry flourish in this dynamic fusion of talent, where the spotlight awaits to illuminate your brilliance.



Amanda Coetzer




Earl Okin

English Singer-Songwriter Musician & Comedian.


Asad Qureshi

British Film Maker


Pradeep Shahi



Cyrus Mirzashafa

Film producer

Guest Magician


Duane Tucker

American magician



Amaziah Rose

Singer / Musician



Ashley Lei

Photographer / Interviewer



Sophie Ghosh


Haruka Yamakawa






Tune in to catch all the excitement-the event will be live-streamed on our social media.

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  • Start Time

    Tue, 6 Feb 2024 19:00 GMT

  • End Time

    Tue, 6 Feb 2024 22:00 GMT

  • Event Type

    Social Gathering




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    [email protected]

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I had a great time at the event!! I go to a lot of film networking events and SHYFILMS' was definitely a standout. Great location and some really interesting guests. I made great connections from it and had a great time. I plan to attend the upcoming one.
Tiffany Ioannides
I had an excellent evening, amazing job! The presenters were lovely and the entertainment was lively and well thought out - I think having a magician, Duane Tucker, was a great idea to encourage mingling! A really positive atmosphere and experience overall. Thank you for the invite! I would love to experience this again.
Kiera Hammersley
I was originally expecting maybe some talks, some speakers, with a bit of time given to networking. I think your format of basically entirely focusing on networking with a bit of entertainment to grease the wheels of social interaction was a much better idea. Everyone was there to network and you let them get on with it.
Laurie Waplington
The evening was lovely! I really enjoyed it and I will definetly come to your next event!
Diana Guney
I thought your choice of venue was special. An exquisite location. Great service, hosts and entertainment too. I had such a great time I didn’t even realise how late I stayed. People were very welcoming and I felt like I was in good company all night. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to talk to filmmakers and would love to do so more often
Kalai Atiga-Atando
I feel like I made a few great contacts for the future and also some lovely new friends too.
Laurie Woodruff
It was very good because it gave everyone a chance to say something important about their own skills or business.
Anna Lubomirska
I'd highly recommend attending the Shy Films networking events; I made some connections and enjoyed the entertainment! The evening at Isabel, Mayfair I went to was full of friendly people who had a wide range of different experiences in TV, Stage and Film. If you're looking to make some friends and connections in the creative sector, then definitely attend the next one!
Jasper, Yellow Glove Productions
I highly enjoyed my evening and have met some very interesting professionals, many thanks again for all your efforts putting this together! The venue was very lovely indeed and perfectly roomy for the amount of guests. A few people mentioned, while we were discussing, that they found it a bit pricey. Fully understandable considering it’s the Isabel, maybe you can try a more budget friendly location next time as a little experiment.
Razvan Nicolae
Had a great time at Isabel Mayfair for the Shy Films event. Great performances & loved the musicians & amazing magician. Met some super-talented creatives too. Great work Harry & team! Look forward to the next one!
Cher Myra
I wanted to thank you for inviting me to last night's event at Isabel Mayfair and for organizing it. I had a great time and thought the atmosphere was perfect for a networking session. Though it was a little crowded, I don't think everyone needs to wear name and occupation tags as it may detract from the casual vibe. These are just my thoughts, but overall, I really enjoyed the event and hope it was successful for your team!
Andre Fox
Thank you for the invitation, I greatly enjoyed my time in the company of many wonderful people. I hope to join similar gatherings in the future.
Ken Kweku Nimo



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